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Preparation of driftwood for your intended use

All of the driftwood that Natural Driftwood Art,LLC sells are sold exactly as found on the shorelines they come from. We brush the dirt off the driftwood and wash it off with water only. We offer custom services To boil any driftwood pieces for 2 hours to kill any organisms in or on the wood. We do not guarantee that our Driftwood is safe for any animal even after boiling. It is the purchasers responsibility to ensure that the intended use of the driftwood purchased is safe for any creatures that it may habitate with.  While driftwood creates a beautiful and natural look, it can also take up a great deal of space in an aquarium. Adding driftwood to an aquarium...

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Natural Driftwood Art is all natural.

Natural Driftwood Art, LLC sells driftwood that has been found near shores typically in the southeast USA. We do not apply any chemicals or cleaners to our driftwood. It comes to you just the same way we receive it from nature, minus a little mud and sand. We cannot identify exactly what species of wood any particular piece may be. We only wash the driftwood in pure water. We do offer boiling services (for an additional charge) if you would like to decrease the chance that your wood has any parasites attached. Many of our driftwood pieces are perfect for aquariums or reptile tanks after proper processing of the wood. You can find a blog page on our site that has suggestions for preparing wood for aquariums or...

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