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Artist Iain Hamilton Bio

 Iain Hamilton 
Born 4-30-1956 Died 8-3-2020

This is a brief description of how my love and interest in wood began. When I was nine years old, I was sent to Queen Victoria school in Scotland. Queen Victoria is a military boarding school. There were a few subjects on the curriculum that interested me, my two favorites were playing the bagpipes and the wood working shop. When I was introduced to the wood working shop, which had everything that a woodworker could ever want. Wood planes, brace and bits and saws of all kinds on all the walls and shelves. One of my most lasting memories is the smell of animal product glue heating up for use.  So many wonders for a young boy to marvel at. Of course, I had no idea how all these tools worked. Over the years, I learned how to use all these hand tools and many more. I used these skills that I learned as a boy for my entire career even now as the proprietor of Flying Scotsman Construction for the past 25 years. I thoroughly enjoyed my school years learning how to shape, join and finish beautiful wood projects by hand. Although, in fact, I’m not a traditionalist, if a modern tool can do the job in a fraction of the time, and just as good as the traditional one, then I am all for it. I tried my hand at art as a young man, and failed miserably. I was under the misconception for many years that If I can’t draw, then wood carving was out of the question. It took until 2007 before I tried my hand at wood carving. And over the years when time permits, I like to collect found and bought wood and breathe new life into it. I hope you enjoy this page and our entire website.  We have many more items that we will add everyday. So be sure to check back often as your piece of natural driftwood art is waiting to come home. 

In honor of Iain Hamilton, Natural Driftwood Art will continue this website and all profits will go directly to Iain's Daughter Chloe and Her Children at his request. Please know that every purchase is helping a family in need.