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Custom Services Available

Custom Services Available for Driftwood

Boiling Driftwood to make safe

for Aquarium or Reptile tanks

Boiling has a 2 week lead time. We boil driftwood for 2 hours.

Please understand that the wood must dry before the driftwood can be shipped.

Pieces with largest dimension less than 24" - $30

Pieces with Largest Dimension 24" or more - $50


Metal Sculpture Stands

1 Leg Stand - black metal with 5" base - $79

2 Leg Stand - black metal with 12" x 6" base - $199


Lamp Kits

For pieces under 24" tall - $99

For pieces over 25" tall - $279

Lamps will be made without bases,

Additional charges will apply if a base must be used to ensure stability