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"Y" Driftwood Centerpiece

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Wedding or Interior Decor Centerpiece

13.5" x 14.5" x 4.5" tall, 1.25 lb.

Wide footprint driftwood sculpture. Has multiple bases possible to give it many unique images. One of a kind piece that has a "y" shape. Modern flowing piece that would look great in a tank for a reptile or on a table on the patio. One of a kind piece that won't last. Great piece for a reptile  tank or aquarium if properly prepared. Would make a great driftwood sculpture on a metal sculpture stand. you pick the orientation and we will install the stand. This is a solid piece that would be perfect for a driftwood wedding centerpiece.  

Driftwood and it’s many uses include home decor, driftwood for weddings, driftwood for aquarium and pet tanks, diy driftwood crafts, driftwood for carvings, nautical driftwood decor, driftwood sculptures, driftwood art, interior designers and decorators. Driftwood is a one of a kind creation of nature.