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Natural Driftwood Art By Hamilton


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Infinity Driftwood Wedding Centerpiece or Driftwood Sculpture

28" x 21" x 17 High, weighs 14 lbs.

Imagine this magnificent centerpiece adorning your dining table, patio table or end table. Tremendous highlights and nuances accent the natural beauty of this one of a kind piece. Interior Designers can use this design piece as a center piece, shelf talker or main focus of their design ideas. Perfect for nautical or boating decor. Natural Driftwood Sculpture and driftwood art is beautifully sculpted by mother nature. Years underwater cause the natural beauty. This piece has amazing wood grain throughout the piece. It can be placed on many different axis to create a different looking piece everyday of the week. You can see a different axis below. It is quite beautiful and looks like a rose in bloom from one angle.