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Large Driftwood Art Sculpture with Character and Style

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Beautiful Character makes this one a winner. Driftwood stump that has all the natural beauty that one would expect from a piece of driftwood. Perfect for a wedding or interior decor piece. Large and heavy piece would be a great addition to an outdoor pergola or patio.  

31" x 14" x 22" tall, 25 lbs

This is a must have one of a kind driftwood sculpture. Large and heavy piece that will make an impression wherever you decide to use it. Would be a great centerpiece for a driftwood wedding theme or a perfect compliment to your front porch flower bed. Great grain and textures throughout this piece really make an impression. Nice dark piece of driftwood will accompany an interior or exterior design application. Perfect for a nautical decor themed decor scheme. This piece has many holes to put flowers or floral arrangements. Air plants can be placed all over this one. There is so much to do with this piece. Can be changed with every season. Just put the flower color that best matches your decor in all of it's crevices and natural made hollow spots.