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Octagon Moon Decorative Bird House

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Decorative Birdhouse that is a hand crafted one of a kind. Gorgeous wood tones and beautifully carved decorative octagon moon bird house. Totally unique and one of kind bird house will be the pride of your bird house collection. Display it proudly among your collection. Or start your collection with this being the pièce de résistance. 

13" x 17" x 14" tall, 9 lbs

This amazing one of a kind Octagon Moon decorative birdhouse is a handmade piece of art. Much love was put into the creating of this decorative bird house. The moon is a great subject matter for carvers. Interpreted perfectly by Iain Hamilton this decorative birdhouse will lighten up your room or hanging spot of choice. For the South Carolina folks this one has the palmetto moon state logo carved onto the back panel of the birdhouse.