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When Pigs Fly - Hand Carved Decorative Bird House

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When Pigs Fly is a hand carved decorative bird house. This beautiful hand carved bird house won 1st place in the towns birdhouse  contest.

17" x 13" x 18" tall, 7 lbs

"When Pigs Fly": This beautiful work of art was created as the result of a bird house competition. The artist has a great sense of humor. And instead of the traditional old store church and plantation house he thought outside the box. The road on which he lives was in a disgraceful state of repair, and had been for 20 years. Once completed, the bird houses were to be displayed as close to the road from the residence as possible. This was to enable the judges to view their entry. He decided to carve a pig and add some wings to it.  And under the flying pig was a sign that read . I reckon when this happens they will fix this road. Bearing in mind the judges had to travel this road to view the entry . It amused them so much, I believe it helped win the competition , And believe me I am not taking anything away from the craftsmanship of this beautiful piece. It also ended up in the local newspaper.  And would you believe it within a year they paved that same road.  That's a "win - win". This piece was hand carved by Iain Hamilton and will be the pride of any bird house collector, barbecue barn or restaurants  collection.  Notice the backside view and how the artist created a naturally made posterior that is anatomically correct